• Current, finishing, and prophylactic disinfection, carrying out spring-cleaning
  • Disinfection of surfaces inside rooms, those of sanitary equipment, cleaning stock, dishes and so on
  • Disinfection of incubators (couveuses) and their appliances
  • Disinfection of medical products combined with pre-sterilizing cleaning
  • Finishing pre-sterilizing cleaning (not combined to disinfection) of medical products
  • Sterilizing of medical products
  • Decontamination of blood and body secretions


Mixture of quarternary ammonium compounds containing 40 % of them in total (alkydimethylbenzylammonium chloride – 25 %, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride – 10 %, and dioctyldimethylammonium chloride – 5 %), N,N’-bis(3-aminopropyl) didecylamine – 5 % (all of the substances mentioned above are active ingredients), additives, and water (to reach 100 %).


  • Four different active ingredients available
  • Application of short-time expositions for various treatment processes
  • Effect of the means against anaerobic infections
  • Repeated use of working solutions for any type of manual treatment of any facilities (up to 21 days)
  • It can be used in the presence of patients (without protection means)

Antimicrobial spectrum

The means has antimicrobial effect against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including tuberculosis pathogens), viruses (including adenoviruses, influenza and parainfluenza viruses as well as pathogens of other acute respiratory infections, enteroviruses, rotaviruses, poliovirus, enteral [A type] and parenteral [B and C types] hepatitis viruses, and those causing herpes, atypical pneumonia, bird and swine influenza, and HIV), Candida genus pathogenic fungi, dermatophytes, mold (fungi), anaerobic infections agents, and it has sporocidal, cleaning, and deodorizing properties as well.