Vernedor Plus


  • Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces inside rooms, hard and soft furniture, surfaces of instruments, apparatus, sanitary appliances, linen, dishes and so on
  • Disinfection of medical equipment (couveuses, narcosis and respiratory as well as anesthesia equipment)
  • Disinfection of medical products
  • Disinfection related to pre-sterilizing cleaning of medical products as well as flexible and rigid endoscopes both manually and by mechanized method
  • Pre-sterilizing cleaning not related to disinfection of medical products as well as flexible and rigid endoscopes
  • Disinfection of medical products
  • Disinfection of medical waste
  • Disinfection of biological material
  • Disinfection of sanitary vehicles as well as those for the transportation of food
  • Conduction of prophylactic rooms disinfection
  • Air disinfection by spraying the means at various facilities and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Footwear disinfection
  • Fungi control
  • Disinfection, purge, cleaning, and deodorization of refuse collecting facilities
  • Disinfection of the contents of collecting beans of dry closets


  • Working solutions effective at low concentrations
  • Effective against anaerobic infections
  • Repeated use of working solutions possible up to 39 days (manual process)
  • Application of short-time expositions for various treatment processes
  • Economy of working solutions – 15 ml/m2 *
  • It can be used in the presence of patients (without protection means)

* When using “two buckets” or “bucket-free cleaning” method.


смесь четвертичных аммонийных соединений (алкилдиметилбензиламмоний хлорид и дидецилдиметиламоний хлорид) – 9%; полигексаметиленгуанидин гидрохлорида – 7%; N, N-бис (3-аминопропил) додециламину – 3% (действующие вещества); вспомогательные компоненты; вода – до 100%.


Mixture of quarternary ammonium compounds (alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride and didecyldimethylammonium chloride) – 9 %; polyhexamethylenguanidine hydrochloride – 7 %), N,N’-bis(3-aminopropyl) didecylamine – 3 % (all of them being active ingredients), additives, and water (to reach 100 %).


The means has antimicrobial effect against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including tuberculosis as well as hospital and anaerobic pathogens), viruses (all known pathogenic viruses to cause man diseases including those to cause enteral and parenteral [A, B and C types] hepatitis, HIV, poliovirus, adenoviruses, atypical pneumonia virus [SARS], H5N1 bird, swine, and human influenza, herpes, and so on), Candida and Trihofiton genus pathogenic fungi, molds, and it has sporocidal, cleaning, and deodorizing properties as well.