On MDM Company

LLC “MDM” is one of the leaders in the sphere of production of professional disinfectants and antiseptics having been chosen by 30 % of Ukrainian health care facilities.

We are engaged in the development of professional antiseptic and disinfectant means for 15 years, and our produce is to be used in public health sphere, food industry, and catering. All the means are being developed in up-to-date laboratory and manufactured in modernized shops. We offer over 30 unique products for the disinfection of surfaces, medical tools (including those used for cold sterilization), dishes, sanitary appliances, and preparations for the hands antiseptic treatment. Our manufacture meets international quality standard TÜV ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2009), and the preparations manufactured by LLC “MDM” are environmentally sound and convenient in their use.

5 advantages of the produce manufactured by MDM are as follows

  • Availability of the manufacturing system including own laboratory;
  • All the products are environmentally sound, cost effective, and convenient in use, they require no special storage conditions;
  • We have vast experience in working at the Ukrainian market of disinfectants;
  • LLC “MDM” takes up 30 % of the market in the hospital segment i.e. we are trusted;
  • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.