Announcement of fairs

Fairs in April Kyev 2024

Schedule of events:

Date Location
05.04.2024 Kyev, Grigorenko Avenue
06.04.2024 Kyev, Revutsky Street
10.04.2024 Kyev, Grigorenko Avenue
13.04.2024 Kyev, Revutsky Street
17.04.2024 Kyev, Grigorenko Avenue
20.04.2024 Kyev, Revutsky Street
24.04.2024 Kyev, Grigorenko Avenue
27.04.2024 Kyev, Revutsky Street
Fairs in April Kyev 2024


We are happy to announce that in addition to opening our store with bottling chemicals directly from the distillery, we have also launched a lavish experimental project - participation in fairs!   This is a unique opportunity for you not only to taste our products, but also to talk with us specifically, find out more about how we create our products, and share your thoughts and ideas.  Follow our updates to find out when we show up at your nearest fair.  We are impatiently waiting for you!


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