Aroma diffuser ELLIE PURE Element of Fire

Product Code: Аромадифузори
Aroma diffuser ELLIE PURE Element of Fire
Product Code: Аромадифузори
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The Ellie Pure aroma diffuser is designed to spray essential oils into the air to create a pleasant indoor aroma. Ellie Pure is suitable for indoor use - both at home and in the office. The aroma diffuser can be placed in any room. Amber, notes of leather and saffron awaken the innermost emotions, sensuality and temperament. A wooden plume warms the atmosphere, and a light mist fills the air, creating a sense of completion and giving energy.


  • fills the entire space with invisible aromatic perfection;
  • the composition creates a feeling of peace and comfort;
  • improves emotional state and mood;
  • the intensity of the smell can be adjusted by changing the number of rattan sticks;
  • rich in natural components and essential oils;
  • neutralizes unpleasant odors;
  • does not contain hazardous elements.


Open the bottle. Insert the sticks with one end into the aromatic liquid, which thanks to capillary forces is absorbed and lifted by the microscopic vessels passing inside the sticks.


Brand:                                      Ellie Pure

Country of manufacture:      Poland

Type:                                        Aroma diffusers

Aroma:                                     Wood, Saffron, Leather, Smoke

Volume:                                   80 ml

Material:                                   Glass

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