Apartment Cleaning Plan:

how to keep your home in order

Apartment Cleaning Plan:


Cleaning is a daily ritual that allows you to keep your home in order. But not all of us manage to keep this process under control. It is enough to forget about some aspects of putting things in order, give up or miss a day or two, and real chaos reigns in the apartment. In such a situation, it is impossible to do without heavy artillery - a long and tedious general cleaning. But it is possible to cope with the mess with much less effort. To do this, it is enough to adhere to the principle of planning - to draw up your own plan for cleaning the apartment. And then not to deviate from it.

Daily Plan: Daily Task List

In order to keep the house clean every day and not to accumulate mountains of undone things, every day should be:

  • make the bed;
  • put things in their places;
  • wash the dishes (do not leave them for tomorrow) - Chistoline Dishes will facilitate this process;
  • wipe the work surface in the kitchen, table, windowsill;
  • rinse the kitchen sink;
  • wash the plumbing in the bathroom - Chistoline WC will help you do this as quickly as possible;
  • vacuum.

Pet owners should still wash their plates. And if you have children in the house, it will not be superfluous to walk on the floor with a damp mop. Wet cleaning will help freshen the air and reduce the risk of various diseases (colds, etc.). The last item of daily tasks is taking out the garbage.

Weekly cleaning: Sunday or Saturday quest

Once a week, you need to devote a little more time and effort to cleaning to finally eliminate dust and prevent the appearance of stubborn dirt. It is at this point that the time comes to:

  • replace bed linen by vacuuming the bed;
  • wipe the surfaces of furniture, windowsills and other places from dust in all rooms and bedrooms (be sure to walk along the facades, cabinets, shelves);
  • vacuum all upholstered furniture, eliminating dust and various dirt;
  • vacuum the floor under the furniture;
  • wipe the switches and wash the door handles with a detergent, for example, Chistoline Universal;
  • wipe the kitchen cabinets and clean the garbage can, for this the detergent with disinfectant properties Chistoline Universal is also perfect;
  • wash the working area in the kitchen – grease particles and other dirt get on the walls (apron);
  • wash the stove, wipe the refrigerator and microwave oven - Chisloline Antigrease will help to cope with grease and other contaminants;
  • wash the tiles and/or tiles in the bathroom;
  • wipe the mirrors until they shine – for this, arm yourself with Chistoline Glass and your mirrors will be perfectly clean without streaks.

In the event that limescale appears on the surface of plumbing, you should definitely take care of its removal. Chistoline WC will not only cope with plaque, but also give surfaces shine and provide a pleasant unobtrusive smell.

Do not forget that cleaning facades and surfaces should not pass by the shoe shelf. Vacuum it, wipe it off dust or dirt. And if you have pets, it's worth taking the time to clean their bed once a week.

Monthly Cleaning: Important Milestones for Cleanliness and Order

If weekly cleaning is carried out consistently and responsibly, then once a month you only need to take a few additional steps to clean those places that were previously neglected. Recommended:

  • wash blankets, bedspreads and pillows;
  • wipe down bookshelves, appliances and lamps;
  • wash the bath mat – for this you can use an effective detergent Chistoline Expert;
  • disinfect door handles, remote controls, as well as computer keyboards, phones, etc. – an alcohol-based product that is easy to spray and evaporate quickly, for example, Manorm Expert, is perfect for this;
  • tidy up your desk – sort out papers, throw away unnecessary things, etc.

If there is an unpleasant smell from plumbing, it is worth pouring special products into the drains of your sinks and bathtubs to remove blockages.

Seasonal cleaning: what needs to be repeated once a quarter

In addition to general cleaning every month, there are some actions that are important for maintaining cleanliness in the apartment, which are recommended to be done once a season. This applies to:

  • window cleaning – as in the case of mirrors, Chistoline Glass will help you do it as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • removal of dust and dirt from radiators, blinds on windows;
  • curtain washing;
  • removal of debris in the pantry, as well as in other places where excess things may accumulate;
  • cleaning the oven – Chistoline Antigrease Extra will help to remove even stubborn dirt, it will also help to clean pans, pots, etc.;
  • washing the washing machine and turning it on empty at a high washing temperature;
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture and mattresses;
  • сleaning of ventilation holes.

Also, once a month, it is worth disassembling clothes and shoes - throw away the unnecessary, and the necessary, but not relevant, - put away for storage.

Of course, the above recommendations can change and adapt to the needs of each individual family. It is important not to forget about the planning and regularity of cleaning.