Features of choice and use of detergents for the bathroom

Features of choice and use of detergents for the bathroom


The bathroom is a place where we spend a lot of time every day. And it is very important to keep it clean, because our health and the health of all family members directly depends on the condition of this room. And regular and high-quality cleaning in the bathroom helps to extend the life of plumbing, maintain the attractiveness of materials and extend the life of the repair. But how to choose the right bathroom detergents? What do you need to pay attention to?

How to choose the best detergents: practical recommendations

Choosing a good bathroom cleaner is not easy. In the modern market of household chemicals, there is a huge variety of such products in the form of liquids, pastes, powder, milk, gels. All of them, it would seem, have the same functionality. But in fact, it's not that simple. Bathroom cleaning products differ significantly from each other. And to choose the perfect option, you need to consider:

  • Type of surface. Different types of surfaces may require a different approach to cleaning. For example, mirrors and ceramic sinks, floors and showers may require completely different cleaning products.
  • Purpose. In the case of dealing with specific dirt, for example, limescale or mold, you need to use special household chemicals, which are created specifically to eliminate such defects.
  • Manufacturer. Do not blindly trust advertising. Give preference to the products of those manufacturers who specialize in household chemicals and similar products. It is best that their products are certified and this is confirmed by the relevant documents.

The price of bathroom cleaning products does not correlate with the quality of such products in any way. Even relatively cheap goods can be very effective. Keep in mind that the final cost of the product includes not only production costs, but also additional payments for brand promotion and advertising.

What bathroom cleaning products are needed?

When choosing bathroom cleaning products, you should pay attention to:

  • Universal detergents. This is a detergent that will help to wash all surfaces in the room, including ceramic, glass or metal. It is not prone to leave plaque or streaks on surfaces, reliably neutralizes unpleasant odors and eliminates organic dirt.
  • Detergents to remove limescale. Limescale, as you know, is a very common problem that can cause a lot of difficulties when cleaning in the bathroom. It appears due to the increased salt content in the water and can settle absolutely everywhere where drops fall. But the bathtub, sink and taps suffer the most from limescale. for example, Chistline WC, Chistline Bathroom or Chistline Antiscale. All of them are very effective, and to achieve a positive effect, they only need to be applied to problem areas and left for 10-15 minutes. In case of heavy contamination, a slight mechanical impact may also be needed - it is worth rubbing the contaminated places. Such bathroom detergents can be used on absolutely all surfaces, including tiles, plumbing, shower stalls, etc. Chistline WC has a tapered shape, and Chistline Bath Room is a sprayer for quick distribution on surfaces.
  • Detergents for glass. Almost every bathroom has a mirror, and in order for it to remain perfectly clean and shiny, it needs to be wiped from dirt almost daily. And for such cleaning, you need special products, for example, Chistoline Glass. Such household chemicals are easily sprayed on surfaces and do not damage them, thanks to which the glass remains clean, and the surrounding surfaces (made of chrome, stainless steel) are not damaged. Pure Glass can also be used to wash other mirror surfaces, tiles, ceramic surfaces, chrome parts, etc.
  • Mold repellents. The bathroom is always at risk of mold, because it maintains a humid microclimate most of the time. And at the first signs of mold on the walls, you should not hesitate, but act. Chlorine-based products, for example Sanilit, or special antifungal drugs, for example Ganzin combi, will help get rid of fungus in the bathroom.

Regardless of which bathroom products you have chosen, it should be borne in mind that their effectiveness largely depends on the correct use. Do not experiment - follow the manufacturer's recommendations.