How to clean pipes at home

effective methods and household chemicals to fight clogs

How to clean pipes at home


Cleaning home pipes is a process that sooner or later absolutely everyone has to face. Constant operation can lead to the fact that pipes in an apartment or private house become clogged, water ceases to flow through them normally. In such a situation, owners face not only certain difficulties when using the sewerage. They are also concerned about an unpleasant smell that can go outside the bathroom. the cause of flooding of the home, which poses a threat to neighbors. Therefore, it is very important to know how and with what you can clean pipes at home. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

Why the sewer can be clogged: the main causes

There are many factors that can lead to blockages. They can all be divided into several groups:

  • Mechanical. Such blockages occur when various foreign objects (waste, hair, personal hygiene items, food, etc.) get into the system.
  • Operational. This group includes blockages that occur in the process of natural operation of the water supply system. After all, over time, the inner surface of the siphon, drain pipes is covered with a layer of soap solution and grease, even the smallest waste, which should normally go with water, easily sticks to this plaque. Clogs are provoked by plaque from too hard water.
  • Technological. Such blockages have a completely different etiology – they appear due to a disturbed sewer structure, for example, due to an incorrectly selected pipe size or an inappropriate angle of inclination. In such a situation, it is most difficult to cope with blockages – it is necessary to eliminate the main cause of such a problem – to eliminate technological shortcomings.

Home cleaning methods: cheap and cheerful

There are several simple ways to clean sewer pipes. Ordinary boiling water can unclog the sewer - hot water works best in the kitchen, where the main cause of clogging lies in the solidification of grease on the surfaces of the system. Boil the kettle, pour its contents into the sink and wait about an hour. If the water begins to leave better, the procedure can be repeated.

Also, the so-called folk remedies can come to the rescue in cleaning sewer pipes, for example:

  • Salt and soda. These are penny ingredients that can be found in the kitchen cabinet of every housewife. Combine them in equal proportions (half a cup) and dilute with a glass of water. Pour the resulting mixture into the sink drain and wait a quarter of an hour.
  • Soda and vinegar. These ingredients react chemically when combined, and it can help the clog to disappear. To achieve the desired result, pour half a cup of salt into the drain, then pour exactly the same amount of 9% vinegar on top. Immediately plug the hole with a cloth or cork and leave for 10 minutes.

How to clean pipes with a plunger?

Thinking about how you can clean pipes at home, it is worth remembering about a plunger. This tool is incredibly easy to use - even an absolute layman can handle it. To get the desired effect, you need:

  • tightly seal the hole in the sink or bathtub that protects against overflow;
  • diligently press the rubber nozzle of the plunger tightly to the drain, perform up to 10-20 forward movements;
  • turn on hot water to flush the pipes.

If necessary, the plunger can be reused.

Household chemicals to remove blockages

To get a really guaranteed result, it is better to use a special pipe cleaner. Many manufacturers of household chemicals offer products with such properties. But not all of them give excellent results. When choosing how to clean the pipes, give preference to certified products from manufacturers who specialize in the production of such household chemicals. Such products meet current standards and have a targeted impact.

An excellent result will help to achieve the Сhystoline Pipes product. It effectively removes blockages in sewer systems and is safe for various materials, incl. sewer pipes made of plastic, metal-plastic, steel, etc. And using Chistoline Pipes is very simple - you just need to pour it into the drain and wait from a quarter of an hour to half an hour (with a strong clog and longer). After that, you need to rinse the system with water. And if necessary, you can combine the use of such chemicals with the use of a plunger.


As with many other problems, prevention is the best solution when dealing with blockages. Do not wait for a violation of the patency of pipes, it is better to take measures to protect the sewer from clogging. To do this, it is recommended:

  • install plastic or metal nets in the drain holes, which will trap garbage - it is easy and simple to throw it away;
  • clean the siphon and drain from winding hair;
  • from time to time, carry out periodic cleaning, rinsing the system with boiling water or special household chemicals.

Сhystoline Pipes can also be used for preventive purposes. Such a tool will reduce the risk of sewer blockages to a minimum.