How to wash windows without streaks? What means to use?

How to wash windows without streaks? What means to use?


Window cleaning is an important step in cleaning your home. After all, the glass that is clean to the point of creaking adds a festive mood, it is more fun to look at the world through them. But not all housewives wash windows with pleasure. Many people simply hate this stage of general cleaning, since it is very, very difficult to bring the glass into perfect condition. They often leave unsightly stains, lint and other traces. But what to do? How to wash windows without streaks? Let's try to figure out how to solve this problem as simply and efficiently as possible.

What you need to prepare: the result depends on the little things

In order for window cleaning to bring pleasure from the result, and not disappointment, it is very important to stock up on simple and affordable accessories that will help optimize the process. An excellent find for home or office can be:

  • A special scraper. If there is significant dirt on the windows, give preference to models with a foam nozzle. (Of course, if there are splashes of dirt and other serious dirt on the windows, it is better to wipe them off immediately with an ordinary damp sponge, and not smear them all over the glass). In other cases, you can use a thin plastic scraper with a flexible silicone top. It fits easily in the hand and perfectly removes excess moisture from the surface of the glass.
  • Microfiber cloth. Now such a product can be bought in the household department of any supermarket. And in the matter of window cleaning, it can be simply irreplaceable. Microfiber perfectly absorbs moisture, collects dirt and literally polishes the surface, leaving no scratches and defects.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to get an excellent effect, microfiber must be dry and clean. Therefore, in order to wash several windows in the house, it is better to stock up on a few napkins. And after use, they can be rinsed in clean water and dried for later use.

Which window cleaner to choose: will folk recipes help?

Despite the wide range of window cleaners, many housewives cannot achieve excellent results with their help. Therefore, folk remedies are used - soap solutions, mixtures of ammonia and vinegar, etc. But, unfortunately, even advertised folk recipes from the Internet do not always give the desired result.

Household chemicals from trusted brands can come to the rescue. Choose products from those manufacturers who specialize in the production of household chemicals and related products. An excellent choice can be Chistayline Glass - a product from the well-known Ukrainian brand MDM Group. Its composition is thought out to the smallest detail in such a way that the user can easily achieve the perfect transparency of the glass without streaks and the perfect shine of the mirrors.

A few secrets of successful window cleaning

To achieve perfect cleanliness of glass, it is worth paying attention to some seemingly non-obvious points, including:

  • Weather. In the heat, under the sun's rays, the glass dries very quickly, even before you have time to wipe them dry. Of course, streaks may remain on them. In addition, bright sunlight will interfere with the cleanliness and transparency of the glass. It is best to start washing during windless, cool and cloudy weather.
  • Stages of washing. It is better to start the process of washing windows from the inside, and finish with the outside. This will facilitate visual control of the cleanliness of the glass.
  • Correct removal of stubborn stains. Do not expect a glass cleaner to cope with heavy dirt, such as traces of repairs.

Do not use newspaper or abrasives to clean windows. Both crumpled paper and unsuitable household chemicals can leave small scratches on the surface of the glass. As a result, the glass will look untidy.

Procedure: What is the best way to clean windows

If you are going to put the windows in order, adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Remove unnecessary items from the windowsill, remove or move the curtains and tulle fabric. If there are blinds, it is better to raise them to the maximum.
  • Remove heavy soiling using a soft sponge or cloth. For particularly intense soiling, use appropriate household chemicals.
  • Remove excess moisture with a scraper and a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Use Pure Glass spray - spread it evenly over the surface of the glass. Rub the detergent in a circular motion.
  • Wipe the glass dry using a microfiber towel. To do this, it is best to move first vertically and then horizontally.

For those places that are not clean enough, you can breathe a little so that they fog up, and repeat wiping with dry microfiber.