Oxygen powder: what is it?

Ingredients, instructions for use, where to buy

Oxygen powder: what is it?


Oxygen powder or, as it is also called, oxygen bleach is a popular highly effective household chemical, capable of significantly increasing the effectiveness of ordinary detergents (detergent or laundry detergent). It is often confused with chlorine bleach, but they are completely different substances. Oxygen bleach is more gentle and cannot harm human health.

Oxygen Powder: Chemical Composition and Properties

Oxygen powder is based on sodium percarbonate. Visually, such a laundry detergent resembles small white granules. They are safe for humans – in contact with the skin – and are perfectly soluble in warm or hot water.

According to its chemical formula, sodium percarbonate is a compound of sodium crystal solvate and the usual well-known hydrogen peroxide. When dissolved in water, such components trigger a chemical reaction, which is accompanied by the release of oxygen bubbles. And they are able to break down dirt, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and neutralize unpleasant odors.

An important advantage of oxygen bleach is its harmlessness to the environment. Unlike many other detergents, it does not contain aggressive components and breaks down into fairly neutral and safe substances when used.

How to Use Oxygen Powder?

The main function of oxygen powder is to whiten and remove stains. It is recommended to use it in combination with regular laundry detergent. At the same time, the oxygen detergent is suitable for both conventional hand washing and washing machine use. Basic recommendations for use:

  • if you are dealing with heavy soiling, you need to add 3-4 tablespoons of the detergent directly to the laundry detergent compartment;
  • plan hand washing – first dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of oxygen bleach in hot water (add it to regular laundry detergent) and leave the clothes to soak for a few hours;
  • to remove an isolated stain, moisten the problem area, sprinkle it with oxygen powder, and then cover it with hot water for a few hours and wash it as usual in the washing machine;
  • to soak clothes before washing, it is recommended to dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of the detergent in hot water, add powder and put the clothes for 7-8 hours, then you should transfer the clothes to the washing machine or wash by hand.

It is worth emphasizing that the effectiveness of oxygen powder increases when washed in hot water. The components of such a product are activated only at a temperature above 40 °C, and to remove difficult stains, it is better to dissolve the powder in water, the temperature of which is 60-95 °C.

What tasks does oxygen bleach handle?

This laundry detergent is great for removing stubborn stains, including:

  • food and beverages (including coffee, juice, wine);
  • medicines;
  • herbs;
  • fatty substances (oils).

It is also able to bleach things, eliminate traces of staleness (yellow and gray spots).

Other Applications of Oxygen Powder

Enterprising housewives actively use oxygen powder not only for washing, but also for cleaning:

  • carpets;
  • blankets;
  • work surfaces, including in the kitchen;
  • furniture (upholstery);
  • joints between facing material (tiles, porcelain stoneware, etc.).

To achieve the desired effect, you should first prepare a powder solution in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations (from 1 to 4 tbsp), then moisten a clean cloth in the solution and use for cleaning. Do not forget to rinse the products well after cleaning so that there are no white streaks on them or blot the remnants of the detergent solution with a clean cloth (rag, sponge, etc.).

What Materials Can Be Harmed by Oxygen Powder?

This product is not recommended for cleaning and washing:

  • woolen products;
  • silk garments;
  • leather goods and leatherette products;
  • wooden elements;
  • linoleum;
  • varnished or polished surfaces.

Gloves should be worn when using oxygen powder. They will provide reliable protection of the skin from irritation and possible allergic reactions.

Where to Buy Oxygen Bleach?

If you are going to buy oxygen bleach, it is better to give preference not to products from the mass market, but to high-quality products of those brands that produce professional products for cleaning, washing and disinfection.

MDM Group has been on the market for many years, and all its products meet the latest quality standards. Dast oxygen powder from this brand perfectly copes with various contaminants, it differs:

  • efficiency;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable price;
  • ease of use;
  • ability to care for fabric.

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