Phosphate-free detergents: what are phosphate-free household chemicals?

Differences from the usual one

Phosphate-free detergents: what are phosphate-free household chemicals?


In today's world, the requirements for everyday household chemicals have changed significantly. It must not only be highly effective, but also safe. That is why the popularity of detergents that do not contain phosphates has increased significantly. Phosphate-free household chemicals are used in everyday life, in the hotel and restaurant business, as well as in various institutions. But what are its features and advantages?

Harm of phosphates to people and nature

Phosphates are the active ingredient in many detergents. They effectively precipitate hardness salts that are present in the water and help to soften it. Thanks to them, the detergent components of household chemicals work more effectively, eliminating various types of dirt. Thus, phosphates themselves do not have cleaning properties, but only help detergents to work.

But numerous studies have confirmed that such substances can be unsafe for humans and nature. They can disrupt the balance of skin acidity at the cellular level, increasing the risk of various dermatological diseases. In addition, in contact with the skin, they can get into the blood and disrupt its composition (affect the concentration of hemoglobin, plasma density, protein levels). If phosphates accumulate in the body, there is a risk of poisoning, disorders in the functioning of organs and systems, metabolic failures, etc.

In addition, phosphates are harmful to the environment. They contribute to the growth of algae blooms, and this is a very serious problem of our time, which is visible to absolutely every person with the naked eye. The spread of algae blooms is clearly visible in the warm season in almost any body of water where insufficiently treated sewage water can enter. Polluted water bodies can cause the death of wildlife, and water from them subsequently flows back into people's homes.

What Are Phosphate-Free Household Chemicals?

Previously, it was believed that phosphate-free household chemicals were not very effective in forming a significant amount of foam and cleaning dirt. Nevertheless, every year manufacturers offer more and more effective products - since the appearance of the first phosphate-free products, their cleaning properties have increased significantly. And different chemicals can be used to achieve a great cleaning effect.

These components can be used alone or in combination with each other. Thanks to them, phosphate-free chemistry becomes as effective as traditional phosphate-based products. Consumers can switch to a safer and more environmentally friendly option without compromising on quality.

The main advantages of phosphate-free chemistry

Technologically advanced and high-quality phosphate-free detergents have many advantages when used regularly. In particular, they:

  • do not provoke allergic reactions, as they are safe for people, such household chemicals do not cause irritation, including on delicate and highly sensitive children's skin, so it can be safely used even for newborns;
  • do not provoke discomfort during direct contact – despite the fact that it is better to use all household chemicals in gloves, the skin does not suffer when using such products, even if you do not wear gloves;
  • help save water and energy – easy to rinse and give excellent results even when used at low temperatures;
  • are quite economical in use – phosphate-free chemistry has a lower consumption than conventional products with phosphates;
  • are characterized by an affordable price - phosphate-free laundry detergent and other household chemicals of this type are quite affordable for most consumers, and to reduce costs, they can be bought in bulk.

Phosphate-free powder

Modern phosphate-free powder is a good alternative to phosphate detergents. Not only is it more secure, but it has other benefits, including:

  • softness for fabrics – such products are more gentle on fabrics, preventing wear and maintaining the brightness of the color;
  • effective cleaning – phosphate-free laundry detergent provides effective stain and dirt removal, provided that it is used correctly (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions);
  • ease of rinsing – no additional rinsing is required to clean the fabric from the residues of such a product.

Great examples of quality phosphate-free detergents are Dast Color Laundry Detergent, Spring Flowers and Dast Universal Sea Freshness.

Other Types of Phosphate-Free Household Chemicals

The most well-known product among phosphate-free household chemicals is laundry detergent. But in addition, manufacturers offer other products that do not contain phosphates. Among them:

  • dishwashing liquids, for example, Dast Lemon – thanks to the addition of easily recyclable components, such a detergent foams well, is easy to rinse off and does not accumulate;
  • bleach is primarily an oxy-fueled product, such as the versatile oxygen powder Dast, which works through a chemical reaction (the breakdown of sodium percarbonate, which is accompanied by the release of oxygen) and the ability to break down dirt molecules.

Modern phosphate-free detergents are a worthy contribution that we can make to support the health of the whole family and to improve the environmental friendliness.