Products for cleaning an apartment after renovation:

features of choice and use

Products for cleaning an apartment after renovation:


Renovation is a rather difficult period in life, which, even after its completion, leaves many traces and consequences in the room. Housing needs a major cleaning after the completion of repair work. And it is quite difficult to make it with your own hands. But nothing is impossible, you just need to approach this task correctly, including stocking up on appropriate household chemicals. But what should be the means for cleaning an apartment after renovation? And what is absolutely indispensable? Let's try to figure it out in more detail.

Specifics of products for cleaning an apartment after renovation

After renovation work, the surfaces in the house remain covered with dust, traces of glue, paint and other finishing materials. Therefore, products for cleaning an apartment after renovation should not only ensure surface cleanliness, but also ensure thorough removal of specific residues.

Cleaning products after repair differ from ordinary household chemicals from the mass market in the following features:

  • Great cleaning power. After repair, stubborn dirt such as paint, glue, cement residues, etc., may remain on the surfaces.
  • Safety for surfaces. New or freshly renovated surfaces can be particularly sensitive to harsh chemicals. Cleaning products after repairs should ensure maximum cleanliness without damaging tiles, laminate, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Versatility. Products that are designed with a wide range of potential cleaning tasks in mind to make cleaning easier after the job is done.

What products will help to cope with dirt after repairs?

If you choose detergents for cleaning your apartment after repairs, then you should have in your arsenal:

  • products that can remove grout residues from ceramic tiles, for example, Chistoline WC;
  • universal detergents that can clean different surfaces, from the floor to doors, furniture, etc., for example, Chistoline Universal;
  • glass cleaners – it is important that they are quickly wiped dry and do not leave behind unkempt streaks, Chistoline Glass will help to achieve an excellent effect;
  • acidic products with disinfectant properties – these will bring your plumbing fixtures to perfect condition, such as Chistoline Bathroom.

This is only a minimal set of various chemicals that will return freshness and cleanliness to a freshly renovated apartment.

What else do you need to clean your house after renovation?

Of course, cleaning detergents are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have to put your apartment in order after renovation work, you definitely can't do without a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, it is worth stocking up on disposable dust bags in advance, and it is better to give preference to a special construction model, possibly with detergent functions. In addition, you will need:

  • protective gloves – it is better to use them without taking them off so that the skin does not suffer from dust and chemicals;
  • respirator – construction dust is harmful to the respiratory system, it can cause irritation and coughing, so when cleaning, it is better to protect yourself from its effects;
  • rags for wet and dry cleaning;
  • microfiber cloths – perfectly remove dirt, absorb moisture, and are easy to clean when rinsing;
  • sponges and bowls or buckets;
  • garbage bags

If you have to clean at heights or in hard-to-reach places, it is important to stock up on a stepladder. Do not build pyramids from chairs or perch on the table, it is very dangerous, because in the event of a fall, you can be severely injured.

Practical recommendations

To make cleaning more efficient and less labor-intensive, follow a few simple tips and tricks:

  • Plan your action plan ahead of time so you have all the right supplies and tools on hand.
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind — you'll probably have to throw them away anyway.
  • Do not start wet cleaning until the dust is completely eliminated (with a vacuum cleaner), otherwise it will be ineffective and the surfaces may be covered with streaks;
  • Do not forget about ventilation – it will not only eliminate the odors of building materials, but also reduce the severity of the smell of detergents;
  • To remove sticky traces of adhesive tape, use a window and glass cleaner;
  • Do not forget to clean the air vents and air conditioner, as they can become clogged with dust and construction debris.

Once you're done cleaning, put away your entire arsenal and do a final inspection to make sure no spots have been missed.