TOP-10 products for cleaning an apartment

TOP-10 products for cleaning an apartment


Cleaning an apartment is a daily task that requires attentiveness and a responsible attitude. But in order for it to be really effective, you need to have high-quality household chemicals at hand. Professional apartment cleaning products effectively cope with dirt, neutralize unpleasant odors, prevent the re-accumulation of dirt and at the same time do not harm surfaces. And it's a pleasure to use them. But how to choose such products? Let's take a look at the best products for cleaning an apartment on the Ukrainian market.

The Best Apartment Cleaning Products: Key Features

Really good cleaning products need to meet a number of important characteristics to ensure their effectiveness, safety and usability. Among them:

  • Cleaning efficiency Products should effectively remove dirt from various surfaces, including kitchen tables, floors, plumbing, glass, etc.
  • Health safety. The best products for cleaning an apartment should be safe to use, provided that basic safety rules are followed. They should not contain aggressive chemicals that can cause allergic reactions (of course, the risk of allergies to any components of cleaning and detergents cannot be excluded) or pollute the indoor air.
  • Versatility of application. Good cleaning products should be versatile and suitable for different types of surfaces and materials, as well as cope with a variety of types of dirt. For example, a plumbing cleaner should be safe for glass, ceramics, stainless steel and at the same time remove plaque, urinary tartar, traces of rust, etc.
  • Ease of use. The products should be easy to use and do not require complex instructions. They should have convenient packaging and dispensers for accurate dosing.
  • Pleasant smell. Good cleaning products should have a pleasant aroma that not only masks unpleasant odors, but also creates a feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the room.

TOP of the best products for cleaning the house

Let's take a look at what products can be a real discovery for you in the field of cleaning. In this ranking, we included:

  1. Chistoline Universal. This is the best all-purpose cleaner you can find on the domestic market. It can be used for cleaning absolutely all types of surfaces, from floor coverings (linoleum, wood, vinyl, marble, porcelain tiles, etc.) to glass, plastic, ceramics and metal. Cleanline Universal copes even with very dirty surfaces. If you need a disinfectant for cleaning your apartment, this is an excellent choice, because it also has a strong antimicrobial effect when left on the surface for a long time.
  2. Septoline disinfectant. It can come to the rescue if mold has appeared in the house (and at high risk of its formation). It helps to eliminate fungal spores and achieve hygienic cleanliness. It can be used in the bathroom and kitchen, and is suitable for treating refrigerators and trash cans. 
  3. Chistoline Soda Effect. A modern alternative to cleaning powders. Effectively removes complex dirt and stubborn dirt from various surfaces without abrasive effect (without scratches, scuffs and damage). Chistoline Soda Effect copes with oil and grease stains, protein and soil contaminants, traces of soot and grime. It is suitable for cleaning the whole house, but is especially valuable for cleaning the kitchen.
  4. Chistoline Anti-Grease Extra. It is absolutely indispensable if you need to deal with very old and stubborn dirt, including cleaning an oven or gas stove, tidying up a grill or smokehouse, or restoring the shine to old pans or pots. It can also be used to clean heaters and ventilation systems. It is suitable for cleaning alkali-resistant surfaces.
  5. Cleanline Pipes. The product is designed to eliminate blockages in sewer systems (sewer pipes, made of various materials, showers, bathtubs, sinks, etc.)
  6. Chistoline Anti-Limescale. Hard tap water leaves behind limescale and limescale, and in the case of old plumbing systems, these traces are complemented by rust. Chistoline Anti-Limescale will help to cope with such contaminants and restore the shine and radiance of surfaces. The product is very easy to use and can even be used to treat the inside of the kettle (it can be easily washed off without leaving any traces or harm to health).
  7. Chistoline WC. Effectively removes rust, limescale, and urinary stone. It does not damage ceramic, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, tiles, products made of polymer and other materials, does not fix organic and inorganic contaminants, and is easily rinsed off.
  8. Cleanline Bathroom. The bathroom is one of those places that requires scrupulous and systematic maintenance of cleanliness. It needs to be cleaned almost every day, otherwise the surfaces are covered with stains, plaque, stubborn stone, etc. But Cleanline Bathroom will help to cope with both fresh dirt and persistent traces of long-term use, leaving behind impeccable cleanliness and a pleasant, unobtrusive smell. The product removes various contaminants, ranging from limescale and soap residues to stubborn limescale and urinary stone.
  9. Cleanline Floor. To keep the floor surfaces shiny, free of dust and stains, you need to regularly devote time to wet cleaning. And with Cleanline Floor, regular floor cleaning turns into a meditative process that brings pleasure. The product removes dirt, protects surfaces, eliminates unpleasant odors and does not foam at the same time. It can even be used for machine cleaning.
  10. Chistoline Glass. It has pronounced cleaning properties, copes with various types of dirt on glass, mirrors and mirror surfaces, cleans windows and showcases, helps to keep tiles and tiles clean, and can be used to clean car windows. It does not damage surfaces, wipes off quickly and does not leave streaks.

When choosing professional products for cleaning your apartment, give preference to the products of those brands that specialize in the production of certified detergents and disinfectants. Then the quality will be guaranteed.