Cream "Regenerating from rough skin" Dr. TRAV 75g+

Product Code: TRIUGA
Cream "Regenerating from rough skin" Dr. TRAV 75g+
Product Code: TRIUGA
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Emollient cream for care of rough skin of heels, feet, knees and elbows. Thanks to its strong nourishing and moisturizing properties, the skin becomes soft, elastic and well-groomed.

  • Cocoa butter is an effective emollient that improves collagen synthesis and intensively moisturizes the skin. Strengthens capillaries and tones.
  • Urea – maintains an optimal level of moisture in the epidermis and skin cells. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Promotes rapid healing of wounds, cuts and cracks.
  • Extracts of willow bark and viburnum have wound-healing and regenerating properties.
  • Extract of birch buds - has a tonic and antiseptic effect.


Aqua, urea (carbamid) emulsifier, extracts: Cocoa butter, Willow bark and viburnum, Birch buds, Glycerin, Thickener, Lanolin, Preservatives, Trilon B, Perfume.


Individual sensitivity to product components.


Apply the cream to the rough areas of the skin of the heels, feet, knees and elbows, rub with massaging movements until the cream is completely absorbed. Use 2 times a day. Pedicure: apply the cream for 10-15 minutes as a mask, then take a warm foot bath. Remove the horny layer of the skin with a pumice stone or a special blade.

Volume: 186 ml

The official manufacturer is TRIUGA

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