Kwiksept hand disinfectant

Product Code: kviksent
Kwiksept hand disinfectant
Product Code: kviksent
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To cope with the task of disinfection, as well as hygienic treatment of your hands and feet will help you antiseptic Quicksept from TM MDM. This product disinfects the skin, as well as promotes healing of small wounds. This happens because it contains panthenol, which stimulates the regeneration of the skin.

Works on bacteria in just 30 seconds!


  • Hygienic skin care
  • Surgical hand skin disinfection
  • Skin treatment for surgical and injection sites
  • Foot skin (foot) prophylaxis
  • Surface disinfection
  • Instrument disinfection


  • Does not dry the skin
  • Has a broad antimicrobial spectrum
  • Accelerates the healing process thanks to Panthenol
  • Has a prolonged effect for 3 hours

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