Disinfectant Vernedore

Product Code: Вернедор
Disinfectant Vernedore
Product Code: Вернедор
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Disinfection; combined disinfection and pre-sterilization cleansing; sterilization of reusable and single use medical devices. Disinfection of hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and cosmetic instruments. Concurrent and terminal disinfection; thorough cleaning. Disinfection of anaesthesia breathing systems and accessories herein; anaesthetic equipment; diagnostic sensors (US machines); MR and CT equipment; incubators (couveuses) and accessories herein; suction systems for dental units, etc.

Spectrum of antimicrobial activity

The product has antimicrobial activity against the following gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacteria tuberculosis, causative agents of especially dangerous infections,parenteral hepatitis virus B and C, HIV(AIDS), poliomyelitis, influenza virus H5N1, influenza virus H1N1, viruses ECHO, Coxsackievirus. Pathogenic Candida spp., Trichophyton, moulds; as well as sporicidal properties.


5 years from the date of manufacture.


Ingredients N,N-Bis(3-Aminopropyl) Dodecylamine – 17.5 %, Benzyl-C12-14-Alkyldimethylammonium Chlorides – 12.5 %, Aqua, Surfactants, Complexon.
Release form Concentrate
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